andy qunta
Welcome to my loungeroom!

Come on in! Have a seat!

If your first question is: "Who are you, and what's the loungeroom all about?"

I will answer that for you!

My name is Andy Qunta (pronounced "Kunta", with the "u" sounding like in "book"). I am a musician, mostly keyboard player, songwriter, vocalist (not sure if "singer" is the right word!) and part-time guitarist. I have been wrapped up in music as long as I can remember (yes, that IS longer than last week!) My brother, Tony, and I had bands since we actually were kids (and not just acting like them!)

I played with many successful artists in England, including Hazel O'Connor, and Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. I spent six years touring the world with Australian band, Icehouse, and co-wrote one of their biggest hits - "Crazy". I also co-wrote "You're the Voice", which has since become something of an anthem since John Farnham had a worldwide #1 hit with it. There are now literally dozens of cover versions, including ones by Heart and Alan Parsons Project. It is frequently used for good causes, which I am very proud of. I am also proud to say that my co-writers included Chris Thompson, (my favorite singer!) who I met when he sang "Tribal Statistics", a song I wrote for Manfred Mann's Earth Band, with whom he was lead singer (Mr. Blinded By the Light!). 

I recorded a solo album which, after a very promising start, sank without trace, amid legal wranglings over the rights. The album was called "Legend In A Loungeroom", because when I was young, we would mime instruments to records in our loungeroom at home, dreaming of being rock stars! In my own loungeroom I am a legend! Thanks for coming to visit!!

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