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A breeze is building
Sends a shiver down my spine
The light is changing
I've got you on my mind
The sound of thunder
And ripples on the lake
I can feel you near me
I'm waiting for the storm to break

I wanna see the heavens open
Feel the rivers overflowing
Waiting for the earth to shake
When I see you the skies will brighten
Feel like I've been struck by lightning
Waiting for the storm to break

Rainclouds forming
As my heart begins to pound
Is it me baby
Or just a tremble in the ground
We can cut the tension
We can bring the calm
We know the storm is breaking
When we're in each other's arms

(Repeat chorus)

Hot wind burning
Every breath of you I take
Only you can stop this yearning
I'm waiting for the storm to break
(c.Rondor Music/Copyright Control)

Most of the songs on the album were chosen from the songs I had been writing with Chris and others over the previous two or three years, so I thought it would be nice to write something new especially for the album. A few weeks before leaving Sydney to record in LA, I went into the writers room at Rondor Music’s offices, and came out with the backing track for what became "Waiting For The Storm". I didn’t really have any lyric ideas for it, so I asked Jane, who had not written a song before, but had been a music journalist, so I thought she might be able to help. She immediately had the idea, and some good lines, so we finished it between us in about an hour.

Through Guy, I had got to know most of the guys in the Pink Floyd touring band, and we ran into each other many times across 2 or 3 continents while on tour in ’87-’88. Guy, Scott, Jon Carin, Tim Renwick and Gary Wallis very kindly offered to play on my album but for various reasons, unfortunately only Guy and Scott actually did. Originally Dave Gilmour was going to do the solo on this track, but we ran out of the time and money needed to fly the tapes over to him in London and back, so Tim came in and did a great job of a Gilmour-style solo.