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It's a stop-go situation
Never thought I'd see
Children acting nervous
In the playground on the street
It's just a reaction
Don't know what they've seen
They've learned it from watching
Don't know what it means
But it's a tightrope

We're walking on a tightrope
Trying to keep it steady in a storm
We can't afford to fall
From the tightrope
Trying to keep a balance through it all

It's another of those subjects
We never talk about
Learn to go on living
With an underlying doubt
Polish the crystal
Deal out the cards
How far can you see
When you look at the stars
Can you see the tightrope

(Repeat chorus)

(c.Rondor Music)

The music for "Tightrope" was inspired by the Australian band, Dragon, who I loved then and still do. The lyrics are somewhat obscure, which is not totally unusual for me. I was watching the TV news, and thinking about the balance you would have to find when explaining things to kids, how much reality you can give them without getting them over-worried. By the way, if you listen to the guitar solo, you will hear that Tone went to considerable trouble to make it sound like someone trying to balance on tightrope, and he does a great job.