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Well it's a long way down
When there's nobody to hold you
And baby when you're not around
I feel I'm falling away from you

I'm dreaming all night long
There'll be a message in the morning
You say you're on your way
I've got to see you, there's so much to say

Holding on to love
Am I holding on too tightly?
Tell me what to do
I just wanna do the right thing

I'd sail a ship across the sea
Nothing can keep you away from me
My spirit's high and my aim is true
'Cos I got a thing about you

Well it's a hungry man
I see staring in the mirror
Oh baby, without you here
I could never be a winner

Calling out your name
Can you hear me in your heart
Tell me what to do
I just wanna do the right thing

(Repeat chorus)

I'll make it up to the mountain-top
And carry our love over rivers we cross
Every word I say is true
'Cos I got a thing about you

(c.Rondor Music/C.T.Music/Copyright Control)

I wrote "Thing About You" on the grand piano in EMI Studios in Sydney, while we were recording the Icehouse Man of Colors album. It was originally an instrumental piano piece, inspired by the great piano-playing of Bruce Hornsby, who had just come out with The Way It Is, I sent a copy to Chris, who completed the demo with the help of our songwriter friend Harry Bogdanovs, who added an extra keyboard part. Chris’s melody and lyrics were great too, but when I came to record it, I added some extra vocal lines, which meant extra lyrics were needed. Fortunately, Jane was able to provide those. Finally, the producer suggested I add a piece with the title being repeated over and over, as this was going to be the single. That worked well too. This track is very "me". We made a great video for this song. Salik, the director, came up with a concept that included a young boy miming with a tennis racquet/guitar in front of a mirror. Funnily enough, this fits perfectly with the Legend In A Loungeroom idea, but he knew nothing about that at the time.