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Memories of times gone by
There's a million stories
That come to mind
Letters and photographs and souvenirs
The good times will always be here

These are the days
They're here and now
So hold on to the moment
You know somehow
You can't wait until tomorrow
To do what you dream of today
Or you'll wake up to find
It was all in your mind
These are the days

You and I, we reminisce
And always remember
Our very first kiss
Treasured mementoes
And friends we knew
The good times will never be through

(Repeat chorus)

(c.Polygram Music)

"These Are The Days" is just a bit of fun I came up with so I could play more guitar. I had played mostly only keyboards for so long. The lyric idea could be summed up by the keyboard player in Spinal Tap - "Have a good time - all the time!" Great philosophy!