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Your picture floated past my window
And I just had to let you know
I need you
You turned away as if to go
Leaving me searching for the words
To reach you, I need you

Take this heart
Let nothing come between us
Take this heart
Wherever it may lead us

I held a mirror in my hand
I was looking for a way
To please you
But then you made me understand
That all I had to do
Was need you, I need you

(Repeat chorus)

(c.Rondor Music/C.T.Music)

"Take This Heart" started as a piece of music I was tinkering around with at sound checks while on tour with Icehouse. After a while I noticed the rest of the band would join in with me and jam along. When I had it all worked out I sent it to Chris for vocal ideas. Once again he came up with the goods, and with Keith's lyrical help the song was finished. In the studio I mentioned I was going to do a string arrangement for it. Steve Milbacher asked if he could do it, and next day he came in with what you hear on the track. Couldn't have done better myself!