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In a world of broken hearts
I always knew you'd care
It was desperately needed love
We tried so hard to share
We were searching high and low
In the end no place to go
That's over now, all over now

Sooner or later we can make it
You and me girl, we're celebrating
When is love ever easy?
But it's everything that we've been dreaming of

Got to get a move on
Got to catch that early train
Now I know the answer
Got to find you to explain
Got a feeling in my heart
We should never be apart
But that's up to you, all up to you

(Repeat chorus)

And when there's magic
That spark in the dark
It's all understood
Love is the answer
No question at all
And it's everything that we've been dreaming of

(c.Rondor Music/C.T.Music)

The chord sequence for "Sooner Or Later" was from an unfinished idea I had a few years before when I was trying to write something for Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. After I got to know Chris, I played it to him one day and he started singing along, so the song finally got finished. I thought that was kind of ironic, but in a good way.